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"Land Your Next Job With LinkedIn" Digital Guide

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Finally, there's a way to attract jobs

without chasing them around.

Not any job

but the right job for you.

The best part?

No job applications are required.

Fact Check #1 - Applying for jobs online only gives you a two-percent chance of an interview.

✅ Sixty percent of jobs are filled through networking.

You need a new job.

Every day, you search the internet for open positions.

You reformat your resume. You write another cover letter.

As time goes on, the pressure builds. You start making compromises.

Lower title. Less pay.

Sound familiar?

But did you know that seventy-percent of jobs aren't even listed online?

To access more opportunities, you need to network outside of your inner circle.

It starts by learning how to leverage LinkedIn.

Fact check #2 - LinkedIn is a social networking site.

✅ More than 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to fill open positions.

You created a LinkedIn profile.

But you're not sure what to do with it.

There's a lot of LinkedIn advice floating around the internet.

You want to know what you actually need.

You don't need more advice. You need a clear strategy.

If you knew that LinkedIn could bring your dream jobs to your doorstep, would you?

If you answer HELL YES, then let me introduce myself:

I'm Susan Lee, the founder of Hey Ms. Lee. I create content on women empowerment and leadership.

I'm an award-winning teacher and certified project management professional. I also hold a Master degree in Educational Leadership.

I experienced firsthand what it's like to pivot into a new industry.

I was auto-rejected because my previous experience didn't fit the job description.

The companies who showed any interest in me offered entry-level roles with laughable pay.

Frustrated, I swore off applying for jobs online.

I invested in my online presence by learning how to leverage LinkedIn.

The result?

  • I received over fifty job interview requests without filling out a single job application.
  • I negotiated fully remote positions with a starting salary of $85,000-$100,000.
  • I grew my network to over 3,000 LinkedIn connections in less than two years.

I knew I was onto something.

I created Land Your Next Job with LinkedIn to help jobseekers land a new role without burning out from the job search process.

Here is what people are saying:

More success stories:

"I started seeing my profile views and weekly search results increase drastically as well as had recruiters reach out to me where that had not been the case before."

"As someone who had been using LinkedIn Premium for almost 8 months, it wasn't until I utilized this guide that I was truly reaping the benefits of the premium service. This guide ensures that you are seen by both potential employers and connections."

"It narrows down everything you need to do to make yourself stand out and even contains templates that I now use to send people messages on LinkedIn."

Here's why these success stories matter...

If you want to land your next job as soon as possible,

you could hire a private career coach starting at $200 an hour.

Or...You could pay $15 for a DIY course on Udemy that covers the very basics.

Or worse, you could do it yourself. You can spend hours and hours trying to patch together a bunch of resources.

In either case, you will either spend a lot of time or a lot of money (or both) that you don't have.

Or...You could get Land Your Next Job with LinkedIn, a simple and repeatable process to attract opportunities straight to you.

For only $19, you get my proven, streamlined process to:

  • optimize your LinkedIn profile for your target role.
  • position yourself as the top candidate to your ideal employer.
  • showcase your unique value offering in a clear and concise way.
  • build genuine relationships with thought leaders in your industry.
  • receive compelling recommendations from colleagues.

Land Your Next Job with LinkedIn includes:

  • An easy-to-follow digital guide separated into three core sections:
    • Part 1 - Create a System for Success
    • Part 2 - Stop Chasing, Start Attracting
    • Part 3 - Nurture Your Network
  • Free downloadable spreadsheet to track Informational Interviews.
  • 30 Day Networking Challenge with direct access to me for accountability.

Are you asking yourself -

“Susan, why haven't I known about this sooner?”

Get Land Your Next Job with LinkedIn today.

Burning questions 🔥

“Who is this for?”

Land Your Next Job with LinkedIn is designed for career professionals who are new to LinkedIn or haven't used LinkedIn in a while.

This is especially helpful for those who are trying to pivot into a new industry.

"Can I buy this for a friend instead?"

Yes! At checkout, click the toggle next to "Give as a gift." You will be prompted to enter their email address.

"Why is the price $19?"

We experimented with price points over the years. Based on the proven results, we landed on $19 as a fair price.

If price is a concern, then ask yourself if one hour of your time is worth more than $19.

If your answer is HELL YES, then this guide is for you.

It will save you hours and hours of digging through hundreds of articles, blog posts, and videos.

“What if this guide doesn’t work for me?”

Like the author of Atomic Habits, James Clear, I believe in systems, not goals.

Land Your Next Job with LinkedIn is a proven, repeatable system anyone can follow to go from an unproductive LinkedIn profile to an opportunity magnet doing the heavy lifting of the job search.

In other words, the system does the work, not you. If you know how to follow a step-by-step process, you can follow my system.

Is that worth $19 to you?

"What is your refund policy?"

If this guide didn't teach you anything new, then you have 14 days to request a full refund. Contact to start your request.

"What if I need more help?"

Email me at and let me know where you're stuck.

We'll figure it out together.

Ready to land your next job with LinkedIn?

Click the "I want this" button.

Let's get you hired! 🤝

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"Land Your Next Job With LinkedIn" Digital Guide

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