Negotiation Resources for Jobseekers

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The answer is YES -

you CAN negotiate.

Everyone deserves to

get paid fairly.

That's why this resource

is ❗FREE ❗for everyone.

This resource is for you if:

✅ You feel nervous about negotiating a job offer for the first time.

✅ You're overwhelmed with all the negotiation advice out there.

✅ You want to reliable source of information.

This resource is NOT for you if:

❌ You're looking for more advanced negotiation skills.

❌ You expect a guarantee to get the job offer you want.

❌You need negotiation help on closing clients or sales.

We love these negotiation 🌟WINS🌟:

Negotiation Resources for Jobseekers includes:

  • Must-have tools including a counter-offer template and a negotiation salary calculator.
  • Money mindset shifts to stop negotiating with yourself.
  • List of industry leaders and experts to learn from.

This is a living, breathing document.

We will keep adding to it over time as we come across great negotiation resources.

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About the author

I'm Susan Lee, the founder of Hey Ms. Lee. I create content on women empowerment and leadership.

And I want you to EARN my mistakes.

When I left my teacher career, I took the first offer without negotiating.

A mentor told me how I left money on the table.

I swore I would be ready next time.

This is what happened next 👇

  • My first negotiation resulted in a sixty-percent salary increase.
  • Two months later, I negotiated a ten-percent raise.
  • About a year later, I landed a six-figure salary.

I told my friends about my wins. They asked me to help them negotiate.

Since 2020, I've helped women achieved an average of an $8,000 yearly salary increase.

I'm not a negotiation coach.

I'm a teacher at heart who shares everything she knows to improve the well-being of others.

Thank you for your support!

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Negotiation Resources for Jobseekers

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